Foto: Ina Steiro Herstad

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre

At the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre, you can meet one of the world's oldest horse breeds – the Fjord horse.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre has tours, horseback riding with a guide holding the reins and walking beside the horse, and horseback riding every day from 14 June to 15 August.

Nordfjordeid is known as ‘the Fjord horse paradise’. The reason is historical, with long and good horse traditions for which the village is famous. A stallion show has been held here since 1886. Today, the Fjord horse community is active with many breeders and owners. The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is located in the heart of this traditional horse community, and it is not uncommon to encounter Fjord horses along the road.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is a centre of expertise on the Fjord horse, with information and advisory services on all aspects of this all-Norwegian horse. One of its main tasks is to promote breeding and the use of the Fjord horse. Many courses are also held at the centre throughout the year, and Fjordane Folk High School also holds classes there.

In spring and summer there is a lot of activity at the semen station, where mares from all over the country receive insemination from excellent Fjord horse stallions.

We can tailor programmes and adjust timing for group visits.
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