Foto: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen


Beautiful Vestkapp lies 496 metres above Stadhavet, on the mountain plateau Kjerringa, one of the most spectacular coastal viewpoints in Norway. The cliff is almost flat at the top and plunges steeply down to the sea. Vestkapp is a breathtaking destination with flat expanses, steep slopes, and impressive panoramic views in every direction.

On a clear day, you have panoramic views in all directions, to the Sunnmørsalpane mountain range, Hornelen, Ålfotbreen and the untamed waters of Stadhavet.

At Vestkapp, you can find both the harshest and the best weather, the most stunning views, and a unique history with distinctive cultural traditions. Vestkapp gives you extreme experiences in pleasant surroundings.

The area is known for its rapidly shifting weather, from placid seas to storms and hurricanes. Fog may quickly roll in over Kjerringa and Vestkapp. The sea route around Stad and Vestkapp is notorious for its currents and rapidly changing conditions. Many ships have taken their final voyage in these waters, which are said to have some of the most exposed conditions in Norway.

Within the space of just a few kilometres from Sildegapet in the south to Ervik in the north, as many as 58 shipwrecks have been found.

Hiking on the Stad peninsula is a unique experience as it gives you views of the mighty ocean at the same time as you are hiking in the mountains.

Vestkapp restaurant. Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

In Vestkapphuset, you will find a souvenir shop and Vestkapp Restaurant, where you can enjoy a tasty local lunch or dinner with a fantastic view in dramatic nature!

Radar Stad At the top of Vestkapp stands Radar Stad, one of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s weather radars. It has been at the site since October 2009 and was the eighth weather radar to be installed in the country. Radar Stad is shaped like a large, white dome on top of a tower made of natural stone. The stones used to build the tower were sourced locally in the former Selje municipality.

The tower rises up like a sculpture in the open landscape by the sea and has become a Vestkapp landmark.

Wondering how to get to Vestkapp? Vestkapp is located at the far western end of the Stadlandet peninsula. It takes approx. 20 min by car from Leikanger, approx. 40 min from Selje, and about an hour and a half from Nordfjordeid or Måløy. The road to Vestkapp takes you past Ervik, which is also well worth a visit. Visit the lovely Ervik Church or stroll, swim, or surf the beautiful Erviksanden beach.

The road up to Vestkapp is narrow but affords a good overview in both directions. There are no tolls on the road. The road up to the viewing plateau is closed during winter, but if the weather is good you can walk from county road FV633 (approx. 3 km).

It is possible to get up to Vestkapp by caravan or bus but keep an eye out for meeting places for allowing oncoming traffic to pass as the roads are narrow.

Vestkapp Restaurant
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