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Skrivergaarden is located a few kilometres from downtown Eid, beautifully placed between farmland to the north, the river Hjalma, and the road to Måløy to the west. Fjord and a sloping garden reaching southeast. Along with it comes close proximity to the fjord and mountains.

The mansion was carefully restored in 2017, however the character from late 1700-hundreds is intact. Lumberwalls in original color has been brought back and the rooms and schematics are largely untouched. Bedrooms and salons are furnished with antiques or and art from the timeperiod and ideals at that time.

It is ideal for smaller or mid-size gatherings and events with it’s many salons and mingle-areas. And comes with a modern and well-equipped kitchen and supplies. Large festive hall with hand painted “dutch” style wallpaper and tablecloth dining experience – or a more relaxed evening in the common room where a large open fireplace is at it’s heart. Furthermore it contains 5 guest toilets on the first floor, along with a shower, and washer/dryer. Basement has a wine-cellar which is specializing in port-wine.

Second floor is home to 3x single bedrooms, 5x double rooms and 2x 4-person rooms making 10 rooms in total, most of which its own bathroom.  Each room has custom-made Louiz-seize-style beds, but comes with it’s distinct furniture and accessoire and are aptly named after former clerics and magistrates. The rooms overlook the fjord and the garden, or the courtyard. You can also find a gallery and our very special “red hall” where a grand piano sits in the midst of wonderfully painted murals on the lumberwalls surrounding it.

The mansion has a large secluded garden a very short distance from the fjord and the river Hjalma. Salmon and trout-fishing options in season. A variety of short or long hikes are well within reach and easily accessible. Along the river there is a recently made gravelpath perfect for nearby walks, running of horsebackriding. In the summer you’ll encounter sheep, goats and horses, so mind the gate behind you.

The nearest peak “Naustdalskamben” has a free “open-to-all” cabin on top of it, with a nice view towards the coast and Måløy, Nordfjordeid centre and Hjelmelandsdalen, and a warm place to eat your lunch. Skrivergaarden is an ideal basecamp for adventures and activities which the Nordfjord region are so lucky to offer. Harpefossen and Hjelmelandsdalen is a ten min drive away and has slopes for alpine and cross-country skiing suited to all levels.

thomas@skrivergaarden.no – (+47) 478 57 09
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Løkjavegen 184, 6773 Nordfjordeid