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Unique places to shop

It's always fun to find a shop that sells unique items. This has become even more popular since the arrival of chain stores. Nordfjordeid is the trading centre of Nordfjord with many special shopping experiences. Most of these are in Eidsgata, the picturesque high street, but there are also some examples of successful online shopping sites. In addition, one can find unique shops out in the small villages.

Bergart smykke & sånt

Kathrine Berg is a founder and jeweller who has garnered a large audience both locally and beyond through her online store. She offers lovely items with local connections, many of which are designed and made in her own workshop. A visit to her shop in Eidsgata is an experience in itself, with its large and exciting selection and good and personal service. Shopping there is a real pleasure!

Ervik Surfshop

This local surf shop is located next to Joker Stadlandet outside Ervik. Ervik Surfshop offers you pretty much everything you need for surfing, as well as a variety of accessories. You can also rent surf, SUP, and snorkelling gear and take surf lessons with experienced and ISA-qualified instructors.

Frislid Herreekvipering

Frislid hails from Nordfjordeid just like the Fjord horse does. In Nordfjordeid, we have a fantastic menswear shop. Here, expert staff take your measurements and offer you suits in your size and favourite fabrics. They understand that not everyone is a standard size. Frislid is a quality establishment with a strong, local history. Stop byFrislid!

Lille Amélia og Strikkestova

This family-owned online store sells children’s clothing and equipment and also has a physical location in Stadlandet. This family-owned online store sells children’s clothing and equipment and also has a physical location in Stadlandet.

Strikkestova is also located under the same roof. Here, you will find yarn, knitting patterns, knitting books, knick-knacks, buttons, etc.

Minibakeriet, Didriks and Coco

Leon Knapskog is the founder of the Minibakeriet bakery in Eidsgata. Customers come from far and wide to shop here. Besides super good bread and buns, you can get the lunch of the day in the form of sandwiches or salads. The bakery also has a good selection of local products. Last, but not least, the bakery is incredibly cosy and has excellent service.

Didrik’s is for many the most enjoyable spot in Eidsgata. The café in the iconic Åsebøhuset building has good coffee, light dishes, plenty of things available for purchase, and a very cosy atmosphere.

Coco is a taste of urban life in the village. Inge and Berit moved from Oslo to Nordfjordeid and established a hairdresser and café in the most attractive premises in old Eidsgata. Here, you get real coffee from a coffee machine from Florence, and Berit’s home baked goods before or after your haircut, all delivered with love for the village and the street.

Monrad Johnsen, Christmas shop, watches and jewellery

This shop may very well have the country’s largest selection of Christmas baubles and decorations. For several generations, the family has sold jewellery, watches, musical instruments and other gift items. These days there are less musical instruments, but all the more Christmas decorations. Make sure to set aside plenty of time to explore this shop too.

Sundehjørnet: a place with surprises

Reidun at Sundehjørnet always has great offers, especially on everything made from wool. She has also established her own retro section with music, crockery and dishes, and local souvenirs. A visit to Eidsgata would not be complete without stopping by Reidun’s shop. You will probably find the best bargain of your summer shopping this year here!

Primula Design: a sewing and craft shop

Ingunn Vaksdal has the smallest and most creative shop in Eidsgata, full of goodies for those who enjoy being creative, as well as exciting interior items, bags, lamps, Christmas decorations, jewellery… all the good stuff.
Ingunn also runs an online shop together with her daughter.

Tore-Garden farm shop

Tore-Garden is not only an attractive online store, but is also open three days a week at its physical location in Leivdalsvegen 171, 6774 Nordfjordeid. Sølvi and her family started an online shop from a small storehouse on their farm in Leivdalen a few years ago. It has been a great success, and a physical shop can now be found in the former barn on the farm. Here, you can buy very unique clothes and interior items in beautiful surroundings, and customers are often invited to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat in the beautiful farmyard. Tore-Garden has become a real attraction.

UT av Huse

In Heggjabygda, artist Åse Huse has a colourful studio in an old timber-framed barn.
She exhibits and sells art, crafts and redesign in her distinctive venue.
The doors open to guests on request and they are welcome to have a look, enjoy a chat about art, and make a purchase if they like.
Huse also teaches a variety of art courses in the venue.
Read more here

Wild Selkie

Ellen Wild is the person behindWild Selkie. She is originally from Belgium, but has always loved the rough and dramatic landscapes of Northern Europe. She is a marine scientist and occasionally works as a whale watching guide. She now lives in Bryggja with her husband.

As a marine scientist, she became incredibly fascinated by the ocean and its power. The mysteries that lie beneath the surface are a fantastic source of inspiration, and she has eventually started creating her own ocean-inspired artwork, which she now sells in her online store Wild Selkie. The art is inspired by the floating waves and spirals of life and the sea. Wild Selkie embodies the transformation and balance between reality and the mysterious world.

Ellen expresses herself in a variety of media: writing, storytelling, photography, videography, and illustration. You can also find her at

Shop locally

It is interesting that so many Nordfjordeid merchants have had success with online stores: Tore-Garden, Bergartsmykke and Primula Design have all succeeded. This allows you to shop in these exciting stores wherever you are and whenever it suits you.

Photo: BergArt Smykke & Sånt