Malakoff parade ground

The old parade ground at Malakoff is today an idyllic park, but in the 1800s and 1900s this was the place of great military activity. This is the site of the country’s oldest parade ground, and you can easily imagine military drills being conducted when you stand in the park. Here, there are buildings from the 1700s, and Jektehola, where the local women washed the clothes of those who were training, is today a great place for recreation.

Since 2003, “Plassen”, as it’s known locally, has been the venue for the annual Malakoff Rock Festival, featuring musicians from Norway and abroad. It all started as a company founded by three enterprising pupils at Eid upper secondary school. A fantastic network of volunteers, teams, and organisations is crucial to realising the festival.

Elskhug og Eksis, a historical play based on the events of May 17, 1895, was first staged in 2005. Captain Myklebust is one of the main characters, and was portrayed by Erlend Ona Gjul. Elskhug og Eksis is performed every 2 years, and is one of the country’s largest outdoor children’s and youth plays, with more than 100 actors and live musical performances. The former Kjøsnesmusikken marching band is also represented, but today under the auspices of Eid Musikklag.