Hikes in the mountains and along the shore

Stad municipality has a varied and exciting selection of hikes from the outermost seaside to the innermost part of the fjord. Most of the hikes in Stad municipality can be found by searching on ut.no. Have a wonderful hike!

Day trip cabins

Every municipality in the former county of Sogn og Fjordane was granted a day trip cabin by the county authorities. The day trip cabins in Stad municipality were completed before the municipal merger in 2020, and we are therefore lucky enough to have two cabins in each their own beautiful location – Risnakken and Naustdalkamben.


This cultural trail takes you from the old military parade ground in Nordfjordeid to the shooting range the soldiers used at Vårsetra. The cultural trail is one of the two roads they used to reach the shooting range, and runs via the cultural heritage site at Hogaråsa, which is dated to about the year 1500, but is likely even older.

The roadless farms at Åsane (trail from Lotsberg at Lote or from the road to Hennebygda) are also a hiking destination in a class of their own.

Nature meeting places

At Navestøylen in Kjølsdalen, the Trekløveret 4H group has created a nature meeting place that is a wonderful and easily accessible hiking destination for everyone. At Gildra on Hjelle, Hestehoven 4H has made a great nature meeting place with a nice view, while Fredig 4H has made a lovely nature meeting place in the forest at Orheim on Stårheim. In 2020, Fredig 4H also completed a nature meeting place by the sea in the centre of Stårheim. Nature meeting places can also be found at Borgundvågen in Stadlandet, at Bryggja by Lefdalsvatnet lake, at Utsikten in Nordfjordeid centre, as well as at several locations in Stigedalen and Harpefossen.

Mountain pasture farms in Stad

There are over 70 mountain pasture farms in Stad municipality, several of which are very well preserved and are important cultural monuments. There are forest roads that run to a number of farms, which makes it easy to get to them. Hjellesetra is one of these, and this farm is also of national significance as it has been maintained so well.

The Sagesetra farm in Fladalen remains in operation during summer when cattle graze there. Lotsstøylen also remains in operation today.

Turbotrimmen Eid

Turbotrimmen are hikes arranged by the local children’s trekking group Barnas Turlag Eid, featuring good hikes for the whole family with easy and nice terrain and good places to rest. You can get your turbotrim card at the sports shop Chatlet Sport Nordfjordeid.

Hiking in Selje, Stadlandet and Flatraket

At the western part of Stad municipality, you will find nice hiking trails along the sea and in the mountains – all with fantastic views – from 0 to 770 m.a.s.l. At UT.no you will find most of the trails.

Hiking in Harpefossen

Harpefossen has a good selection of hikes in the mountains around the valley. You can read more about the hikes here.

T-tur Eid

In 2017, the Midtre Nordfjord Turlag trekking association started T-tur. There is a T-tur Eid and a T-tur Gloppen, with 10 posts per year. T-tur is a programme for young people and adults. Barnas Turlag has a similar programme for young children. Most hikes can be registered on UT.no, or in the UT app.

You register your hiking destination on SjekkUt – the Norwegian Trekking Association app.

There are prizes for everyone who has completed eight or more hikes.

Everyone can take part in T-tur for free, whether they are a member or not. Most of the hikes have T-tur signs marking the starting point.

Hiking books

Opptur Stad

The book (in Norwegian only) describes the best hiking experiences in Stad municipality. The book covers 146 trips, the vast majority of which are mountain hikes. There are also town centre walks in Nordfjordeid and Selje, village walks, and hikes to historical sites such as the holy island of Selja, Dragseidet, and Sagastad. The book also contains 7 bike trips.

The book costs NOK 498.

Opptur ytre Sogn og Fjordane

This book (in Norwegian only) describes the best hiking experiences on the coast of the former county of Sogn og Fjordane. The book contains mountain hikes, town centre and culture walks, and cycling routes, and has a total of 163 routes to choose from. It has a total of 25 routes from the former Selje municipality.

The book costs NOK 498. 498,-

Til Fjells

Til Fjells has collected the most popular mountain hikes in the former Eid municipality. In the book, people with expert local knowledge describe how to get to and from the hiking trails in the municipality as easily as possible, and, not least, what you can see and experience on the different hikes. Several of the routes are suitable for skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

“Til fjells” is sold at Totland’s bookstore for NOK 328. The book includes maps of the routes. Have a nice trip!