Eksersisplassen Malakoff. Foto; Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

Cultural heritage

We have a rich cultural heritage in Stad municipality, and each village has its own special cultural heritage sites that are mentioned in the two cultural heritage plans. These are combined into a planning document for Stad municipality.


https://www.facebook.com/kulturarvenistad/ Dei utvalde kulturminna i Eid er :

  • The road network through Hogaåsen and beyond.
  • The Rundehogjen and Skjoratippen burial mounds at Myklebust.
  • The memorial stones at Naustdal.
  • The churches at Eid and Stårheim.
  • Stone walls as a typical form of cultural heritage
  • The farms at Åsane: a special cultural environment and landscape.
  • The summer mountain farms in the municipality.
  • The Fjord horse: The breed has a protected status as an original horse breed and is of national value. www.norsk-fjordhestsenter.no
  • The docks and boat house communities, such as Årdalsvika.
  • Cultural landscapes, such as Orheimsvika.
  • The old post road over Brekka.
  • The power plant by Kviafossen in Eidselva.
  • The historic buildings by Yris hotel.
  • Holmøy Arbeidsskule and its cultural landscape.
  • Eidsgata/Tverrgata and Myklebust Gardane.
  • Eksersisplassen and its facilities, including the shooting range at Vårsetra.
  • The tradition of associations and organisations.

The selected cultural heritage sites in Selje are:

  • Selja monastery.
  • The churches and churchyards in Selje, Stadlandet, and Ervika.
  • The vicarage in Selje.
  • Kongshaugen and the area around the cross at Dragseidet.
  • The stone burial mounds and runestone at Barmen.
  • The jetties and boathouses at Hoddevika, Fure, Drage, and
  • Røysetstranda.
  • Wharf buildings at Barmen/Svinevika, the boathouse environment by Selje church.
  • The war memorials at Hovden and Storeneset.
  • The architecture in Korsen.
  • The cluster farm at Fure.
  • Keila in Flatraket.
  • The old houses in Selje centre.
  • Grytting natural monument.
  • The rock art at Drage.
  • Kongeveien, the King’s Road, over Mannseidet.
  • The road over Dragseidet.
  • The post road over Berstadeidet.
  • The Hoddevik-Liset cultural landscape.
  • The artistic painters of Selje.
  • The history of Magda in Årsheim.
  • Kystgeita, the coastal goat – an endangered breed.