Hoddevik. Foto: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

The best swimming spots in Stad municipality

There are many excellent swimming spots here, both indoors, in the sea, in the rivers, and in the lakes. Some are well-known, while others are lesser known. Some are on top of mountains, while others are down by the sea. Fjordabladet has made a list of 15 of the top swimming spots around the municipality, but there are many more that are also worth a visit.

Nordfjord hotel

If you want to swim indoors, Nordfjord Hotel in Nordfjordeid is the place to go with a pool, spa facilities with therapy pool and outdoor jacuzzi.

© Nordfjord hotel

Eid swimming pool

For indoor swimming, you can also visit the Eid swimming pool located in Eid sports hall.

The Saga park

Location: Nordfjordeid

With trampolines, volleyball nets, a barbecue area, and a climbing park nearby, Sagaparken has become a popular swimming spot for many people.
Located right by Sagastad in Sjøgata in Nordfjordeid.


Location: Nordfjordeid

Location: Nordfjordeid With a large grass area, Osvika is a good swimming spot for children, adults, and adolescents. The sand on the bottom extends some distance under the water out from the beach.
Follow Sjøgata to the south side of Nordfjordeid centre. Cross the bridge and turn down to the right after about 400 metres.


Location: Selje

With clear water and fine sand, Seljesanden in the centre of Selje is a great destination for both young and old. BUA is located right on the beach.


Location: Stårheim

Location: Stårheim. One of the most challenging swimming spots in Stårheim is Gryta. It can be a bit cold in the water here, but it is a good place for the tough and those who are looking for diving opportunities.
Exit national road Rv15 to Fv5747 – towards Remmedalen – just east of Stårheim centre. Follow the road 1.1 km before turning left by the grey barn right beside the road. The drive is described in Opptur Stad routes 8-05.


Location: Stårheim

With small rocks and rock formations, Suffefjæra is a swimming spot that is suitable for families.
Just east of Stårheim centre (at the exit to Remmedalen), turn off the Rv15 onto a gravel road that leads down to the fjord. The swimming area is located on the right side.


Location: Lote

There is a nice pebble beach at Lote, by Årskogvika, which is suitable for families and groups. Here, you have a great view of the fjords and mountains.

Fjordsight Resort

Location: Bryggja

Location: Bryggja. At Norane by Fjordsight Resort you will find a nice sandy beach. There are 200 metres of shoreline, and good opportunities for swimming and fishing.


Location: Nordfjordeid

Kill two birds with one stone with a trip to Skårhaugssetra and a refreshing dip just a short distance from the peak. This is a typical mountain lake, which is lovely to swim and fish in. It is described in Opptur Stad route 06-12.


Location: Vedvik

Not everyone has the opportunity to swim in the deepest lake in Europe, but in Vedvikvågen you can enjoy a dip in Hornindalsvatnet.
Drive to Hjelle (east of Nordfjordeid), take national road Rv15 towards Heggjabygda, follow the road about 1.9 km and you will arrive at Vedvikvågen.

Nesjartun Camping

Location: Nesjartun

This swimming spot is located at the end of Hornindalsvatnet lake. Ideal for swimmers who like to dive.

Ervik beach

Location: Ervik

The popular Erviksanden is one of the beaches in the area that features sand and blue waters.


Location: Kjølsdalen

This is an idyllic swimming spot, for both young and old. Lisjebreiløken is a dam in the river that flows from Ljådalsvatnet lake, and down to the fjord through Kjølsdalen. The swimming area is located at Dalsetra.
Take the Rv15 in Kjølsdalen, and drive up the entire valley on the paved road. Then turn into the gravel country lane and drive about 1 km to Salhaugen, where the first car park is located. Continue down Mystøylvegen, the first road on the right, about 250–300 metres, where there is also parking for some cars just by Lisjebreiløken.

Berga in Hessevik

Location: Bryggja

Enjoy a swim by the beautiful rocks of Hessevik. This is an excellent area for sunbathing and relaxation.
At the southern end of Bryggja centre, turn left before the tunnel towards national road Rv15. Hessevika is located right after the intersection.


Location: Haugen

Løkjastranda is a popular swimming spot in Haugen. It is especially suited for young children.


Location: Hoddevik

På denne sandstranda kan ein både bade og lære å surfe. Hoddevik har også ein flott og fargerik solnedgang, der sola går ned i havet.

Source: Fjordabladet