Sudstranda includes the small communities of Skåpavik, Holmøyvik, Storevik, Holmøy, Rognes and Skrede.

There are many nice hiking options in the village of Sudstranda.

One trip that is especially worth noting is the walkway from Holmøyvik to Holmøy Utigard – about 2 km on gravel road. Much of the walkway runs alongside Hornindalsvatnet lake.

There are also about 20 km of marked trails in the forests and mountains. There are three marked trails to Glittereggja, the highest mountain in Stad municipality.

You can find more inspiration on From Sudstranda, there are group hikes to Vikasætra, Holmøysætra, Rognessætra, Sonjahytta, the walkway, and more.