© Arnfinn Kjelland.

Ervik and Hovden

Innermost in a cove on the rugged coast of the Stadlandet peninsula, you will find the village of Ervik.

The village is small, but contains a lot, both in terms of history and present-day activities. Here, you will find a beautiful sandy beach, close to the distinctive churchyard and the memorial chapel erected in memory of the sinking of the MS Sanct Svithun in the autumn of 1943.

Here in Ervik you will also find dramatic wartime history with the fortress in Hovden and memorial chapel in memory of the Russians and Ukrainians who died in the German prison camp.

The main industries are agriculture and tourism. The area is home to large, well-run farms and one of the best surfing beaches in Norway. In addition, Norway’s largest line fishing vessel owner – Ervik Havfiske – is originally located at Otneimsneset.

There is no shop in the village, but Tår Snackbar is like a small mini-shop, open 24 hours a day and has a coffee machine!

The skate barn in Ervik

Many people are familiar with Skateløa (‘the skate barn’) or Jonaslåven as it was previously called. The converted barn is open to anyone who wants to take advantage of the activities on offer: a skate ramp, table tennis, a bouldering wall, and more fun for all ages. There are great ambitions for this barn, and it will be continuously upgraded with new activities.