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Stårheim is a beautiful fruit village on the north side of the Eidsfjord, west of Nordfjordeid. Surrounded by mountains and fjords, Stårheim has a lot to offer people of all ages. We are very proud of our village and would like to show it off to everyone who passes by. That's why we hope a lot of people make a stop here in the summer. (But thank you for cleaning up after yourselves! Rubbish can be thrown in the containers at the bus shelter in the village centre.) #hjartestad "Stårheim – the gem in the middle of Nordfjord"


Boathouse apartment, hosted by Wenche and Åmund Starheim
Orheimstunet, a converted barn from 1847


At ut.no you will find many wonderful mountain and forest walks, both short and long, starting at Stårheim. Feel free to ask the locals for tips, we will be happy to answer and help.

The cabin at Naustdalskamben : is the day trip cabin in the county with the most marked trails and degrees of difficulty. Here, you have panoramic views in child-friendly surroundings.

Bauvatnet lake: A child-friendly trip, which is not too steep. It’s a nice place to swim and fish small fish with an otter board.

Sethaugen: A short walk, with a beautiful view of the village and the fjord.

Røedsetra: A short walk to a large summer mountain farm where the locals secretly celebrated 17th of May during WWII. Røedsdammen has a history as the first power plant in the village, which provided the farms below with enough electricity for a single light in their barns.

The stone barn at Orheim: Fantastic engineering, stunning views, and a fire pit you can cook on. Parking at Orheimstunet.

Lundavarden: Has the best view of the Nordfjord from the north.

Fannstøylen: Beautiful summer mountain farm and starting point for several hikes. Child friendly walk and location.

Blåfjellet: The longest hike in Stårheim, it offers 360-degree views. From here, you can look towards Sunnmøre. The walk can be combined with other hikes. There’s a bit of a naming dispute around this mountain. The neighbouring village calls this mountain “Kvanndalseggja”, where “eggja” refers to the ridge one hikes up from this village to reach Blåfjellet.

Løysingevatnet lake and Løysingvasshytta cabin: Lovely lake in which to swim and fish. Løysingvasshytta has what you need, and everyone can stay there for free. Nevertheless, it is desirable that people contribute a little financially, and pay an amount of their own choosing after using the cabin, since it is maintained on a voluntary basis, contains some provisions and everything you need to cook. (There is an invoice form in the cabin). It is also possible to use the boat that is moored there, and fish with nets.

Heida: A great summer mountain farm in Remmedalen valley, and the starting point for the hike to Trollvassnyken.

Fishing spots

People fish most places along the fjord, but the easiest place to find is probably the small boat harbour before the village centre, and the quay in the centre. A little more hidden, Ålundshammaren lies below the bus stop 200 metres west of Stårheim centre.

In addition, you can fish for free in the Stårheimselva river. It’s a good idea to drive up through the valley until the road ends, and then follow the river upwards or downwards on foot. There are also many nice swimming areas.

Swimming spots

West of the petrol station, you’ll find Ålund, where there is a lean-to shelter that was built by 4H.
East of the church, you’ll find Suffefjæra.

Play areas

Stårheim skule is the name of the school located opposite the petrol station in the village centre. Here, there are plenty of excellent play areas and a football pitch. Here, the children can play and eat ice cream, while mum and dad sip coffee and browse for (and dream about) a new car.


Stårheim bilverksted sells cars.

Stårheim petrol station sells most necessities and has very good fast food. YX Stårheim boasts of having the fjord’s best hamburgers and soft serve ice cream.

At Mikkelsgard farm you can buy fresh eggs for breakfast. During the season, there are signs along the road advertising berries, fruits and vegetables for sale, depending on when they are ripe.

Boat rental

Orheimstunet Tel: (47) 468 22 119

Eventyrstallen, a Norwegian farm experience

Eventyrstallen (‘the adventure stable’) is 3 minutes from the village centre. The farm is idyllically situated by the sea, surrounded by mountains and fjords.

The adventure stable has three floors:
At the top, there is a kiosk and seating area, where you can relax, drink a cup of coffee and eat an ice cream, or enjoy lunch.
In the barn on the first floor there is a farm shop, with equipment for horses and riders.
All the animals live on the main floor If the weather is bad, you can meet the animals indoors.

In Eventyrstallen, you can experience typical Norwegian animals. These are animals that are used to being around people, both adults and children. The smallest children can ride on Shetland ponies, and bigger children can ride on Fjord horses. You can also ride a horse and carriage. Would you like to try grooming a horse, petting a rabbit, collecting eggs or playing with a goat? You can do all of that here.

You can also try activities such as horseshoe throwing, archery, and the countryside test of strength — milk bucket holding. Or you can go for a stroll along the water and enjoy beautiful Norwegian nature, swim on the shore or fish off the pier.

Distances to neighbouring municipalities

Stårheim is located in the middle of Nordfjord and is less than an hour’s drive to most of the neighbouring municipalities.

  • Nordfjordeid: about 15 minutes
  • Volda: about 1 hour
  • Stryn: about 50 minutes
  • Sandane: about 45 minutes
  • Måløy: about 35 minutes
  • Selje: about 45 minutes

Ferry Stårheim – Isane to:

  • Kalvåg about 2 hours
  • Grotle about 2 hours
  • Rugsund 45 minutes
  • Berle about 1 hour