Foto: Arne Helge Seljen


Almost at the edge of the sea gap, but still well sheltered by the island of Selja, lies the beautiful village of Selje. The village has a long history (perhaps 3000-4000 years) and is a place that is easy to fall in love with.

In the centre of Selje, you will find accommodation, a grocery store, Tår Snackbar, a petrol station, a hairdresser, a park, a football pitch, cafes, a guest harbour with water and electricity, a beautiful sandy beach, and the free sports and camping equipment lender BUA, among other things.

Here are both new and traditional businesses. Some of them are Saga Boats, Paneda, Riksbygg and Blåmyra.

Hiking in the area is a must. You can choose between walks by the shore with the mountains as a landmark or a large selection of mountain hikes that are not necessarily that high, but which still offer fantastic views. You can find lots of great hikes at

Selje is also a great area for kayaking. Try a day trip along the shore a short distance towards Ytre Fure or around Selja.

Selje is an important part of the coastal pilgrimage route from Egersund to Trondheim. After having historically been used as a parsonage, Selje Prestegard is now open for all. Here, you will find the Selje Pilgrim Centre.

The beach Seljesanden stretches between the centre and Selje Church and is a gem for residents and visitors alike. It’s an excellent place for swimming, as well as for water sports such as paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking, and water skiing. When the wind is strong and blowing in the right direction, it’s also a good spot for windsurfing.

BUA Selje is located right by Seljesanden. BUA lets you borrow sports and outdoor equipment free of charge.
Due to safety when paddling, BUA Selje requires that borrowers have a kayaking licence. BUA therefore cooperates with UT av Huse, which arranges kayaking courses in Selje twice a month and on request from May to October. Completion of the course entitles you to a kayaking licence from the Norwegian Paddle Association and permits you to borrow a kayak for free at both BUA Selje
and BUA Eid.
Borrow a kayak
Kayaking courses

Just outside the village is the Stad ship tunnel – the world’s first ship tunnel!

Selje is a great starting point for day trips to the rest of the Stadlandet peninsula, and north towards Vanylven, south towards Måløy, and inland towards Nordfjordeid, Stryn, and Loen.

Map of the center of Selje