In the middle of Stad, you get a taste of urban life in the small town of Nordfjordeid. Suitably big. Suitably small. It's big enough to offer what you need yet small enough so you feel like you have it all to yourself.

Picturesque Eidsgata has long traditions as a shopping street. Today you will find niche shops and cafés there. The most popular places for coffee, ice cream, or lunch are COCO, Didriks and Minibakeriet. Aske Restaurant is known for its tasty street food and dish of the day. China Restaurant Chen has both good food and good service.

Eidsgata is located near the burial mound where remains of a burnt Viking ship were found, which has been reconstructed and is exhibited at the Sagastad Viking Centre.

South of the street you will find Kulturhuset Gamlebanken, which is a regional art gallery in Nordfjord. Here are permanent solo exhibitions, art for sale from various artists, locally and from other parts of the country within visual arts, photography, ceramics, woodwork etc.

Nordfjord Hotell has 55 comfortable guest rooms, a delicious breakfast, and restaurant with the dish of the day and an à la carte menu. Hamna aktivitet og helse has both a gym, climbing room for children, and bouldering. Hamna is located by the marina, where there are also spaces for caravans.

By the fjord, you find the modern shopping centre ALTI Nordfjord where you can buy groceries, equipment, clothing and perfume, and where you will find a chemist’s and Vinmonopolet (a government-run liquor store). There is also a popular café with panoramic views of the fjord.

By Sagaparken, you will find the Sagastad Viking Centre and the old log walls of the restaurant Magnifikk. Sagaparken has a beach, playground, a sand volleyball court, and barbecue area. It’s a lovely place for picnics and swimming. Sagaparken is also close to the climbing park at Eid Kyrkje church. A nice fjord promenade has been established from Sagaparken alongside the fjord.

The Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds and has its origins in the fjord landscape in western Norway. In Nordfjordeid, it is very common to encounter Fjord horses in the streets. At the Norwegian Fjord Horse Center you can take part in activities together with this unique horse.

In the Nordfjord Opera House, you can experience a variety of events all year round, go to the cinema, and visit the library.

There are many marked hiking trails starting from the centre and surrounding areas. You can also reach very beautiful mountain peaks and viewpoints such as Trollenyken, 898 metres above sea level.

BUA Eid offers free loans of sports and leisure equipment. When borrowing a kayak, BUA Eid requires that the borrower has a kayaking licence. This is due to safety when paddling. BUA cooperates with UT av Huse, which arranges paddling courses on Eidsfjorden every Thursday from May to October. Completed course gives you a kayaking licence from the Norwegian Paddle Association and the opportunity to borrow a kayak for free both from BUA Eid and BUA Selje.
Borrow a kayak
Kayaking courses

Nordfjordeid has many beautiful parks: the saga park, church park, viking park, Maurstad park, and Malakoff with Jektehola. The latter is the old drill ground at Nordfjordeid and the venue for outdoor music concerts and the rock festival. Jektehola is a popular place for barbecues and swimming in the Eidselva river.

The saga park
Located close to Alti Nordfjord, this is a new park and swimming facility by the Eidsfjord. Here, it is nice to just sit and enjoy the view of the Eidsfjord or take advantage of some of the things the park has to offer. Here, you will find play and exercise equipment, a sand volleyball court, a barbecue hut and other activities, and a universal access beach. There is also a public toilet.
The viking park
Close to the burial mound at Myklebust where the burned Myklebust ship was found in its time, and which has now been reconstructed in full size and exhibited at Sagastad. A little secluded between Eidsgata and Lotevegen, this is a good spot to rest and enjoy the view of the burial mounds at Rundehogjen and Skjoratippen. A stroll on the Saga trail will take you past this park.
The climbing park
Located by Eid church. This is the perfect place for both older and younger children. It’s to sit here while the children are playing on the climbing frame.
Maurstad park
Close to the bus stop lies Maurstad park, named after Alfred Maurstad, who also features on a beautiful statue in the park. The statue shows Maurstad as Peer Gynt and is made by sculptor Arnold Haukeland.
Plassen by Jektehola
The largest park in the centre is the old parade ground. If you go south from Almenningen along Osvegen, you will come to Plassen, the old military exercise square. Here there is a historical atmosphere between the trees, with old houses and a monument to the fallen in the world wars. Along the river lies Jektehola with a path along the Eidselva river. Here, there are barbecues you can use, and it is also a lovely spot for the kids to splash in the river or just sit and enjoy watching the ducks swim in the river here.
This is a park with a play area in the middle of Eidsgata, located close to Kulturhuset Gamlebanken and Narvesen. There is also a public toilet.

Although the old parade ground Malakoff is today an idyllic park, in the 1800s and 1900s it was the scene of great military activity. This is the site of the country’s oldest parade ground, and you can easily imagine life there when you stand in the park. There are buildings from the 1700s. Jektehola, where the women from Eid washed the clothes of those who were on drills, is today a great place for recreation.

Eidsgata In the centre of Nordfjordeid lies Eidsgata, a listed heritage site. The street is in the Directorate for Cultural Heritage’s register of densely populated areas of national value, and the people of Eid are proud of and take care of the houses in the street. A stroll here takes you back to bygone times. The house in the oldest part of the street is from the end of the 1800s and early 1900s.

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