Foto: Hamna Aktivitet og trening

Indoor activities

Not everyone likes to be outside, and some days the weather is such that it is most pleasant for most people to be inside. In Stad and the surrounding area you can choose from a wide range of activities. You can swim, climb, exercise, ride a horse, or visit the Sagastad Viking Centre. Here, you will find a pilgrim centre, art exhibitions, and churches. You can go to the cinema or attend a concert in the Nordfjord Opera House and there is a lovely spa at Nordfjord Hotell. Indoor shopping is also a popular activity.

Climbing and fitness

Climbing is popular. At Hamna Aktivitet og Helse there are climbing walls where the children can climb in Viking ships and in a monastery. There is also an impressively large bouldering hall. Hamna also has a new, large fitness centre with a range of activities. Trivselshagen at Sandane also has a climbing wall.

Indoor skating

Many people are familiar with Skateløa, or Jonaslåven, as it used to be called. The converted barn is open to anyone who wants to take advantage of the activities on offer: a skate ramp, table tennis, a bouldering wall, and more fun for all ages. There are great ambitions for this barn, and it will be continuously upgraded with new activities.

Horse riding

Eid is the home of the Fjord horse, and you can ride one yourself inside the large riding halls at the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre. Tour the facility and learn about the uses and breeding of one of the world’s oldest horse breeds.

Pools and spas

Eid Idrettshus in Nordfjordeid has a 25-metre pool and is suitable for the whole family. Nordfjord Hotell has a therapy pool kept at 32 degrees Celsius, an outdoor jacuzzi, saunas, and a relaxation section. Here, you can enjoy a wide selection of massages and spa treatments. Trivselshagen in Sandane has a large pool facility with plenty of activities for young and old.

Sagastad Viking Centre

Sagastad exhibits the Myklebust Ship, one of the country’s best known Viking ships. The centre has an exhibition and a film about the Viking Age in Nordfjordeid. You can also don VR glasses for a cool, immersive experience of life in a Viking village 1,200 years ago.

Pilgrim centre and churches

In the centre of Selje, you will find the Selje Regional Pilgrim Centre, one of four centres along the coastal pilgrimage route from Egersund to Trondheim. It’s a good warm up for a visit to the Selje Monastery.
There are many beautiful churches in the area, from Selje in the west to Kjølsdalen, Stårheim, and Nordfjordeid in the east. A quiet moment spent in a church is important to many.

Cinema and concerts

The Nordfjord Opera House in Nordfjordeid has a state-of-the-art cinema and a beautiful hall for concerts and theatrical performances. Listings can be found on

Indoor shopping

Nordfjordeid is the commercial centre in Nordfjord. The beautiful high street Eidsgata is a major attraction, but in bad weather you can visit the ALTI Nordfjord shopping centre and enjoy a large selection of shops (without getting your feet wet).

Art exhibitions

In beautiful Eidsgata in Nordfjordeid, you will find Kulturhuset Gamlebanken with popular sales exhibitions. You can also visit Åse Huse’s gallery, UT av Huse, on her farm in Heggjabygda, and take courses in drawing and painting.

UT av Huse

Head a little off the beaten track to Heggjabygda, where UT av Huse offers art exhibitions,
cultural dissemination, and art courses. In the farm’s former smokehouse, you can learn about local
craft traditions and life on the farm both in the past and the present day. Part of the former smokehouse has been converted into a
unique studio with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here, you can stroll
around and look at art, have a chat about art, enjoy views of the beautiful Western Norwegian nature, or attend
courses and create something yourself.