Hjelmelandsdalen is an eldorado both in summer and winter.

In winter, you will find the Harpefossen ski center with an alpine and cross-country skiing trail with a 3 km lighted track, and good opportunities for summit tours.

In summer, the valley is a great base for several mountain hikes. There are 100 km of hiking trails, in addition to the fact that you can fish in the river Hjalma and the fishing lakes in the mountains. In Hjalma it is also nice to paddle. At Sevlandsetra you will find a campfire cabin you can use for free.

The Trondheim post road in Bjørkedalen is approximately 136 km and takes you through old settlements and stone bridges of varying sizes.

Here is a nice campsite and a well-developed area with cabins in beautiful surroundings.

Other industries in the valley are mostly farming, but there is also a company that tailors products for the customer – Bjarne Espe Trevarefabrikk, which started in a small workshop in 1948. It all started with making rocking chairs, while today they produce wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom.