Parking at the top of Åstøbakkane, the hiking trail is marked with a red “T”. Beautiful views towards Eid and over Hornindalsvatnet lake. A memorial stone was erected by the fire signal beacon here in 1904 by the Heggjabygda youth association.

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Note: There is a steep overhang towards Hornindalsvatnet lake a little south of the memorial stone. Lovely views, but a high drop. Be careful!


Parking by the logging field at Reset at the top of Åstøbakkane, with an easy hike towards the top of Hestefjellet mountain. There is a logging road to Veltene (steep, not suitable for cars), with the possibility of walking further to both Hestefjellet and Blåfjellet mountains.

Other experiences and offers

Heggjabygda grendahus is a community hall available for events. Banquet hall with space for about 120 guests. Kitchen, toilets, large car park in beautiful surroundings.

UT av HusePaddling, outdoor activities, and art & crafts

UT av Huse offers courses and guided tours with a focus on learning and experiencing paddling, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and culture.
Artist Åse Huse has a unique studio in an old barn with exhibits, and the sale of arts, crafts, redesign, and art materials. Åse offers art courses both inside and outside the house.

Øygarden in Heggjabygda

Welcome to Øygarden in Heggjabygda! The farm is over 100 years old and has a long history, with servants and a lot of activity. The main house has been completely renovated and is characterised by good craftsmanship and pride. With rich wildlife and majestic views of the highest mountain in the municipality, you will experience a calm sense of tranquillity during your stay.

Øygarden B&B – Private rooms at a farm