The Fellesanlegget Tua sports facility


Fellesanlegget Tua is a facility that is jointly owned and operated by the four organisations Eid Jeger og Fiskelag, a hunting and fishing club, Eidsbygda Skyttarlag, a shooting club, and Heia Idrettslag and Eid Idrettslag sports clubs.

The facility consists of shooting range facilities with two clay pigeon shooting ranges, a moose shooting range, and 100, 200 and 300 metre ranges. In addition, there is a flood-lit trail, a ski play area, wardrobes, kitchen facilities, and a garage for snow groomers. The facility operates snow groomers and prepares cross-country trails in Fladalen from Tua to Movatnet.

The facility also has three barbecue huts located in Fladalen, Tua, and Lindvikedalen.

The facility includes the Stigedalshytta cabin, which is available for short and long term rentals.