Foto: Saltnwax

Skateboarding and skating

There are many great places to skate. At Nordfjordeid, there is a skate park in the sports centre, Eid Idrettshus, and there are many beautiful small roads you can skate on out in the villages. At BUA, you can borrow a variety of skateboards and rollerblades for free.

It is still possible to skate when the weather is bad thanks to the wonderful skate barn in Ervik on Stadlandet.

The skate barn in Ervik

Many people are familiar with Skateløa (‘the skate barn’) or Jonaslåven as it was previously called. The converted barn is open to anyone who wants to take advantage of the activities on offer: a skate ramp, table tennis, a bouldering wall, and more fun for all ages. There are great ambitions for this barn, and it will be continuously upgraded with new activities.

Everyone is most welcome!