Foto: Øystein Torheim

Opera Nordfjord

The foundation Opera Nordfjord (ON) was established in 1998 on the initiative of the married couple Kari Standal Pavelich and Michael Pavelich.

In addition to the annual autumn productions, Opera Nordfjord has had several concert tours in the county, from classic opera gala repertoire to premieres of Norwegian opera and collaboration projects with Firda VGS, including Requiem by Verdi.

For four summers, ON organized an Opera Workshop for opera singers and students with Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz, and in recent years ON has had a close collaboration with Eid VGS on staging school musicals in the spring semester.

The work of ON is based on the extensive and important voluntary work of several hundred volunteers within i.a. scenery work, costume sewing, lighting, hair, make-up and catering. The collaboration between professional actors and happy amateurs in the choir and production apparatus has been decisive for ON’s growth and success.