The name Lote stems from the Old Norse lata, which means to travel by boat. The important ferry connection across the Nordfjord to Anda in Gloppen departs two to three times per hour and has a crossing time of 10 minutes. Between Lote and Nordfjordeid, the E39 motorway passes through the 2,857-metre long Lotetunnel, under Trollenyken mountain. In Lote, there is an exit to a road on the north side of the fjord towards Faleide in Stryn – the so-called Panoramavegen (‘The Panorama Road’, county road FV698), which definitely lives up to its name.

The hike up to the farms at Åsane, which have no road connection, (trail from Lotsberg at Lote or from the road to Hennebygda) is also a first-class walk.

Here is a campsite with great views and a short distance to many attractions.