Hennebygda is located in the middle of the Nordfjord region, by the main arm of the Nordfjord itself. The panoramic fjord views from the road between Blekjesvingen in Stryn and Lote make for a great drive. But don’t forget to stop and visit Hennebygda.

The village stretches from the fjord and right up to the farms at Ladehaug, which lie 250 metres above sea level.

Hennebygda has long traditions as a fruit and berry village, due to its mild climate. It’s possible to take several hikes from here. The hike from Hennebygda to the farms at Åsane, which have no road connection, and further out to Lotsberg is a nice walk. Hennjeskaret, Svartegga and the three mountain farms in the village are also nice hikes. Or you can park your car and walk around to the lower part of the village, a walk of about an hour.

The village is located 15 minutes from Nordfjordeid and 30 minutes from Stryn and Sandane by car.