At Flatraket, you will find a small, idyllic and cosy coastal village in Western Norway surrounded by dramatic nature! Locals will tell you that Flatraksbygda is a real gem.

With its location out by the open sea, the village offers many stunning nature experiences, with raw, natural beauty in the form of the sea and mountains. There are excellent opportunities for boating and recreational fishing in the sea, where the sometimes rough waters await right outside the village. The surrounding mountains offer numerous hikes. Especially on a lovely summer day, the nature and, not least, the sunset is an amazing sight.

There is a harbour here with a breakwater and guest pier for those arriving to the village by boat, as well as several small beaches for those who enjoy swimming.
When the autumn and winter storms are raging, the sea is in turmoil and is a powerful and awe-inspiring sight. Everyone in Norway has heard the weather forecasts about storms at Stadt. Flatraket has the Stad Sea as its “neighbour”, and the weather is definitely noticeable in the village when the storms are raging.

From the village, you can look towards the island of Silda, Stadlandet, Skongenes, Sildegapet and the open sea. It is also not far to the islands of Barmen or Venøy. Håvik, Nordpollen, Kvernevika, Vetrhus and Barmsund are other towns along county road 618 in the direction of Selje. After the tunnel at Gangeskaret in the direction of Måløy and Nordfjordeid, one passes the villages of Straumen and Sørpollen.

Fishing and agriculture have traditionally been the key industries in Flatraket. As a visitor to the village, it is impressive to consider how the people managed to subsist in the old days when locals combined farming and fishing. The farm buildings in the area are not large and the work looks physically demanding by today’s standards. The terrain is also not very suitable for farming with its steep slopes and mountains. The traditional boats that have been used for fishing are also small and inefficient compared to today’s modern fishing boats. The village’s largest workplace today is fishing gear manufacturer AS Fiskevegn. Flatraket has a school, an after-school programme, kindergarten, and grocery store (Joker).