A place to shop

Nordfjordeid is the municipal seat and commercial centre of Nordfjord. In the centre, you will find everything within walking distance. Here, you can park your car and stroll through a modern shopping centre and stroll through a historic street. The town centre is compact and has everything from small niche shops to bigger chains. You can find what you need in Nordfjordeid.

Alti Nordfjord is a shopping centre with 22 shops, a café, and a bank. Eidsgata, the high street in the heart of the town centre, is home to niche and craft shops, hair and skin care businesses, the tourist information office, and more. Sjøgata has three grocery stores. There are almost 1,000 free parking spaces in the town centre.

Just outside the town centre you will find the commercial areas Leirongane, Lunden, and Stokkenes with the furniture shop Karl Sunde Møbler, the electronics retailer Elkjøp, and grocery stores, among others.

There are smaller commercial areas in Selje, Leikanger, and Bryggja.

Here is an overview of some grocery stores