Borrow equipment at BUA

BUA Eid and BUA Selje have free loans of equipment for outdoor and sports activities for private individuals, kindergartens, schools, clubs and organisations in Stad municipality.

BUA in Stad municipality is a programme aimed at increasing physical activity, social inclusion and the enjoyment of being active in our municipality. The main target group is children and young people. BUA is a Norwegian acronym that stands for children and young people in activity.

BUA Eid and BUA Selje have equipment for both summer and winter activities: for camping, cooking, fishing, cycling, paddling, games, etc. You can borrow equipment for your favourite activities or challenge yourself with activities you have never tried before!

We look forward to welcoming you to BUA, in both Eid and Selje!

See or follow us on Facebook, BUA Selje or BUA Eid for updated information on opening hours, etc.